Legos Star Wars II & SecuRom 7 backup?



I did what suggested here, but I have no luck.
Can you please explain step by step?
I have Alcohol 120 and both “antiblacklistning” software but no luck…
Please HELP!

I splited the thread from the original one which can be found here.


…“cannot start because binkw32.dll has not been found, the problem can possibly soved by installing the program again”

I am lost… I hope someone can make a very simple guide to find a solution.
All software is installed and I have both a burned image and a .mds image on my hard drive.
Thanks in advance


We need more info. Which settings did you use for creating the image, DTools version, Alcohol version, curerom version, is your original working?


Thanks I really hope you can help.
I am only taking a backup because my son (six years) already destroyed “Rome Total Wars” and we had to buy a new one.
This time I’m trying be prepared. I could actually take copy of Rome… but with this Lego Star Wars II, I’m having troubles.
Alcohol latest version
KRK securerom latest
Cure rom latest version
No DTools used though.Copy burned with Alcohol 120 to a CD-r with the options of securom 4,5,7 marked…
But I got securom error when starting it either with KRK or Curerom…

Original works perfectly on 2 different PCs…

I Usually find out reading forum like this, but this time… It’s not easy.
Remember is Star Wars II… so maybe securom is more advanced.

Let me have a detaile guide please… or tell me what other info you need.



As it Lego Star Wars II I splited the original thread (see post #1) and create a new one with the right topic. First we need to know the exact SecuROM version use Protection ID and scan your installation folder post your result here. Then remove/uninstall all anti blacklisting tools as they’re probably blacklisted and so only cause trouble.


SecuROM 7.27.0014


Are your kids using the PC by themselves or you start the game for them? The reason why I’m asking is you can have a physical backup which ‘doesn’t need any tools’ (hardware dependent) and you can run the game from a virtual drive which needs an extra tool.


Thx Kalas,

I will have the chance to do both…
So I do not need to start it for them and have a backup CD just in case…
Of course I wish to use freeware software if possible!
He is used to set CD in and click on the icon on desktop…
I have installed Alcohol, DaemonTools, and YASU 1.05 nothing else.

I would also like to avoid paying for Alcohol… I have only a trial version…



For a physical backup use this and read it to the end!
Second method is using this thread. Don’t be irritated that it’s for DVDs it’ll also work four your CD version. Use SecuROM 4/5/7 profile for reading the image file and set Measuring Speed for the DPM function between 1x and 8x getting a good result. The rest is exactly the same except the two settings I mentioned. Good luck and report back.


First metode did not work, it said cannot open image file…


You created an mdf,mds file?


I remade a new image with Alcohol and this time there was no issue with A-Ray…
After 29% it stopped because of a burning error… :frowning:
Now I will try witha CD-RW instead… as I have already “wasted” 2 Verbatim CD-R

Are you sure I have to choose Securom new and not 4,5,7 option?



Follow the tutorial all settings are correct. For the second method I suggested you can use the image you already made not the patched one so you don’t have create an image twice.


well I’m stuck at 1st method yet.
Succefully burned the image… but the CD install now stop and won’t run completely.
Maybe the issue is a CD-RW and not a CD-R, but it seems not working.

I’m getting mad.



The cd is burned but it won’t install and stops after a bit.
I tried 3 times it stops at the same point.

If I choose method 2, what happens when the Alcohol expires and I have no virtual drive anymore?



method 2 worked as long as I have installed Daemon tools, but why the burned CD won’t install?
I really would like to save a backup on CD, as I usually reformat my PC once in a while and now I have 530MB more to save as backup this way.
Is there any other method to use a cd?
With RTW I use CD clone to hide the drive…
Please let me know what other option I have with the burned CD.
Should I try with another cd burner.
The one used here is a Matshita built-in laptop… I have also a Lite On on the desktop PC… should I try with that too?

I qute from the guide you linked me too:

““Needless to say, all the usual caveats that apply to twinpeak copies still apply. There will be some drives from which it usually won’t be possible to install from the twinpeak copy (notably Plextor cdrws, Toshiba dvds and Asus cdrws) though, of course, you can always make a separate installation copy by just copying the cd with nero
One additional advantage of this method though is that if by chance you’re unlucky and the copy won’t work at all from any of your drives, you can always make an RMPS emulation copy by simply burning the original unpatched image files with alcohol using Securom *New (4.x/5.x) datatype settings””

What can I copy with Nero??? Which image? Can you explain what’s in he quote in a simple way?

Sorry for all this question… I really appreciated your help so far…


First of all relax there shouldn’t be any problem we can’t solve in this matter :flower:

You already found out by yourself this problem may occur and it’s not uncommon from my own experience using a TwinPeak (method 1) copy for installation.

You can create a copy using your preferred burning software (Nero, DiscJuggler,…) without any special settings and install from this backup and use your TwinPeak copy for running the game after the installation.

You can use Daemon Tools which is for free. Read my guide again (method 2) :wink:

You can burn your mdf, mds file created with Alcohol as a data disc using (Nero, DiscJuggler,…) and save the image on the disc so you can use it again for both methods.

Yep there’s another method using emulation follow this link (method 3).

So you got three methods now pick the one you prefer.


I would like, first of all, say thanks for the fantastic help… :slight_smile:
Today I did not try method 3 yet, and I will keep the method 2 on my laptop.

I have 2 questions:

  1. If the game can run in method 2 using the files in the virtual drive, why can’t you use the same files to burn on a CD and have it working the same way? Why it runs with those file in the virtual drive but not on the CD?

  2. The copy made following method 1 does not work on my other PC using the original install, but with the copy to play. It did not work.

I have another option… to burn following method 1 with another burner and on another PC.
If I understood you, it should be possible to run the copy on a previously original install. Maybe I’m just not lucky.



You’re welcome. I know all this backup stuff is a bit confusing but it’s not hard you just have to read and try a few things everyone is able doing it.

  1. You can do this see method 3. The advantage of method 2 is you don’t need any discs in your drive so even your backup won’t get scratches, you don’t have to switch the discs and using Alcohol 52% in combination with Daemon Tools it’s for free :wink:

  2. That’s the problem with method it’s not guaranteed that it’ll work on any system as you already read in the guide for method 1 (see quote).

So choose the method that works keep the Alcohol image (.mdf .mds files) as a backup and put the original in a safe place you’re always able to recreate a working backup.
There’s a fourth method which I didn’t think about you can try Game Jackal

Play all your favorite games without inserting a single cd!
Using your game’s original CD or DVD, create a Game Jackal profile that enables you to play your favourite games directly from the hard drive… CD-Free! Once a profile has been created the CD or DVD can then be put away for safe keeping, protecting your gaming investment for years to come and ensuring hunting for and inserting a game’s disc is a thing of the past.

I’m not that experienced with this software although I got a licence for a long time I’m sticking to the ‘classic’ way. Your game seems to work see here you can try it using the trial period and if you like it get a licence.


Hi Kalas,
help me understand a bit…
I have now 2 methods working method 2 and 3…

Method 2 works on the PC where I have a virtual drive…

Method 3 works on another PC where I had the original install and Alcohol and Daemon Tools installed (even if not in use).

Method 3 DOES NOT work in the PC where method 2 is working.

Can I use Method 3 to install the game, or ONLY as playing copy.

I’d like understand a thing about method 3.

The copy can run even if Daemon Tool and Alcohol are not running, but in this PC I have the original install. This copy then cannot work as stand alone, but can only be used because the original install is there, correct? So as far as I have the original installation Alcohol and Daemon do not need to run?

So now that at least 2 of the 3 method work… I only need to understand how method 3 can be used… play the “original install” and save the original CD…?

If you lived here in DK I would offer you a beer… but I can only send you my thanks so far :slight_smile: :slight_smile: