Lego Robot solves a Rubik Cube within 12 seconds

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Be warned my fellow humans, robots will not be satisfied until they defeat us in even the most trivial of contests. Cube Stormer is the latest creation from Mike Dobson, aka Robotics Solutions, and not only is it made entirely out of Legos, it can solve any 3×3x3 rubik’s cube in less than twelves seconds. Often it can finish in less than five! This thing looks badass and is incredible to watch. Check it out in the video below.

We’ve seen some impressive robots from the Lego Mindstorms community before, most notably the fully functional model of an ABB Flexpicker. Little did I know, however, that these Lego bots were out to solve the Rubik’s cube. Cube Stormer is just the latest and fastest of these robots, there are many others. Something else I didn’t know: 12 seconds isn’t even a world record for cube solving. The fastest human solved a randomized cube in around 7 seconds.