Legend Of Zorro - Unable to play

Using AnyDVD and DVDShrink. Encodes ok, burns ok. Put it in the player and it won’t start to play. If I try to encode without AnyDVD running it says navigation error, so I assume it’s encrypted in some manner.

I can forward a chapter and see the movie. I just can’t get it to start at the beginning.

Anyone got a solution?

I really want to have this.

if you want to use dvd shrink with it you’ll have to process the files through VOB Blanker first then load them into shrink (with anydvd running)

a simple one step solution would be to use anydvd and clonedvd2 to do it all in one shot.

this is the case with many newer titles.

shrink just isn’t what it used to be.

wait nevermind.

i thought you meant you got the navigation error even with anydvd up…that’s what my post applied to.

also, cross posting is against the forum rules!!!

I used dvdfabdecrypter and shrink. Had to cut out the credits as the movie was too
long. Backed up beautifully.

Be sure you are burning BOOKTYPE ROM in Nero for +R media! will it play in a portable player? If it does then that is your answer!

Also try FABDVD first and then Shrink with an auto burn in Nero or Decrypter!

his problem was already resolved in another thread…he crossposted so it makes life confusing for those who try to help…

So how did he fix it? LOL

nothing was broken. i didn’t even understand the problem until i found the other thread. there was just a few seconds of blank video before the movie actually started. Other than that the disc worked fine.