Legend of the Loch Ness Monster

lives on :bigsmile:

just seen a new clip on our local TV


the clip he filmed looked over the loch and there was something in the water, but you decide :wink:

hopefully the clip will be online soon

Be interesting to see the footage :wink: - the pic actually doesn’t show much.

same-old same-old give it a rest; that body of water could not support a monster and even if it could where are the rest of them. But they will do anything to get people to come to such a place.

you seem to be an expert at this


Yes I have a witch in the woods in back of my place think I will call it the Blair Witch. Heading a search party this summer and will video the whole thing for just a little money.
Sorry I think it is Big Foot :bigsmile:

Please take no offence I’m sure Scotland would be a great place to visit but if I ever get the chance it will not be to look for nessy.

you could use it as a bluff to go on the whisky trail


I second the motion. :bigsmile:

I guess no one will believe in the Loch Ness Monster until she jumps out and snatches a couple of VIP’s (preferably politicians) and leaves a ransom note. :stuck_out_tongue:

Billions of $'s per year is spent on trying to find life on another planet and there is no proof that life on other planets exists.

I think we can forgive a small community from cashing in on a legend and at the same time bringing a few extra people to look at one of the most breathtaking beauty spots on our planet. :slight_smile:

Well said :clap:

And of course, the bottom of the Loch is so deep that no-ones managed to find it :stuck_out_tongue:

Possibly it actually connects to the ocean … There she blows!