Legally copy?!

If I buy a song or album on a CD, can I legally copy it? What are the legal ways I can make copies?
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In the US, you are permitted one backup copy for yourself, via the fair use agreement. That means for you, you can’t give it to friends, sell it etc. And I believe that under the DMCA, that said fair use backup is illegal if you reverse-engineered it or something to that extent.

If in the UK it is illegal, we have no rights to back up.

Really? Dam it…


I should correct myself I think the right exists in Scotland, though we would need a Scottish member to verify that one. Seperate legal system up there, that is why you can still get your PS2 chips from Scotland or take your PS2 up there for modding.

Also I can’t comment on the Isle of Man as it is not a part of the UK so someone from there would have to somment on their laws regarding back ups.