Legality of mp3s

can anyone tell me if having mp3s is illegal?

Technically, unless a country specifically allows backup copies, it’s illegal to make copies of copyrighted music, and especially so if you don’t own the original CD. Whether it’s technically illegal or not, no one gets in trouble for making MP3’s of his own CD’s.

Practically speaking, the only ones that seem to get in trouble or prosecuted are those who are caught operating a server that downloads copyrighted material, or otherwise is involved in an organized mass distribution or swapping of copyrighted music.

It isn’t the MP3 format that’s illegal, but the unauthorized content of copyrighted music.

thanks for clearing that up for me,many thanks.:slight_smile:

Tell this to the Naval mid-shipmen that got their computers confiscated because the RIAA 'believed" they had “illegal” content didn’t know for sure so took the computers to check and make sure. I gotta tell you those of you that haven’t lived in the barracks don’t know just how small and limited they are, If I were them I would have my music on my hard drive and send my cd’s to mom and dad for safe keeping until school was over I own them but don’t physically have them, according to the RIAA I am breaking the law. And for this they could be expelled?

my universities policy - uninforced, but policy nonetheless, is 1000 $ american for every copyright violation. you have 24 hours to produce the said ‘original’ material, thus proving you have the right to have the content.

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