Legality of installing multiple copies of Nero 7

Hi, new to this forum

I have a question regarding Nero 7 ultimate. I’ve purchased a copy of Nero 7 and installed it on to the Laptop and ran with it for a about a year. I just recently upgraded the desktop with a LG DVD writer. It came with Nero 7 express, not as good as nero 7 ultimate. I’ve decided to install the ultimate version and I get a pop up saying that it is installed on another computer. It gave me two choices, buy and licence for multiple computers or that I have uni-installed the previous copy on the other computer and using on another.

I’ve clicked on buy licences but there is nowhere that will will let me buy in Canada. Looks like all European countries. The question is, do I still need to contact customer service or does this not pertain to North America.

thank you

Hi daxinator, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

According to the Nero End User License Agreement, you are only allowed to have Nero installed on a single computer (per license) with no exceptions for laptop computers.

So you will need another license if you want to use Nero on two computers.

I can’t help you with the ordering in Canada question, I’m afraid.


Isn’t this an option? Uninstall your full version from the laptop and use the basic OEM version there?