Hello All, I’m definitely a newbie, an older newbie at that. Is it appropriate, on this site, to ask how to record my old vhs movie titles, (for my own use), onto dvd without the distortions that are supposed to prevent piracy? I’ve already paid for the images once, and I’m willing to buy the hardware, and software, (I have quite a few old movies), to record to a disk.


I see no problem there…
There are some threads here on transferring VHS to DVD…do not know whether they all relate to copy protected VHS though… I suggest a search first…if you cannot find the answer, it will surely help define your question better


Get a MacroVision remover


Look at this web site for equipment you will need to transfer to PC.

Lots of people recommend to buy DVD Recorder. Since you have a VHC player it would be easiest way.
Do not get combo recorder, because for commercial VHS tapes you will need “video stabilizer” to insert in video pass, to get rid of protection.