Legal warez?!?

Is warez legal? For example when you have bought original copy of a StarForce protected game and you don’t know how to make a backup image of it you could just download a SFClone from warez sites.

Warez is per definition illegal, it wouldn’t be warez otherwise.

Downloading something you own the original of because you are not able to make a working backup is questionable. If the version you download is not modified in any way, it could be argued that it is a legitimate backup, but it also depends on your country’s rules.

For the purpose of this forum, we have to draw the line there to prevent all kinds of shady discussions that only end up in a yes-no ‘game’. So on this forum you are not allowed to discuss downloaded software that has copyrights on it…

If you indeed bought the game and want to crack it or dupe its protection to avoid trouble for yourself, you are certainly morally right, but you’re still liable under american law. The DMCA (at least I think it’s the DMCA) makes it illegal to circumvent any form of copy protection, even if you’re only trying to do it in the respect of fair use. God bless america, the land of the free!
European law is saner from this point of view, but who knows how it’ll be in the future.

Falling the EUCD (the same as DCMA) and a number of EU countries have their law worded similarly. The best bet would be to chekck Polish law using the handy thread at the top of this section.

Perhaps, but the EUCD isn’t enforced as strongly as america’s DMCA (which probably depends on the *AA cartels and software industry not having as much clout on the local political puppets as they do in the USA). I’ve still to hear about someone around here being fined because he cracked some app/game in respect of fair use.

Yes it true! If you think back I few years ago in the Napster days people were saying the same thing about Music uploading and downloading but things change, and it’s for the worst not the better.

I am actually wainting for the EUCD to be enforced and a test case, as part of it’s wording on copying or even p-2-p contains a phrase about “commercial gain” yet no description of what that is. This small clause was reported a while back on BBC News 24s’ “Click Online”.

Without a description of what counts as commercial gain we need some test cases. Would commercial gain be restricted to those that then sell on and make money from it? Would it, going by the organisations that represnt ths indistry, be that because an individual hasn’t paid they have gained commercially? Honestly no one knows yet.

Going OT I know.

We do have those cartels here too, though different accronyms: BPI etc.