Legal trojan horses?

I just posted the article Legal trojan horses?.

Well, this seems quiet interesting. If not terrifying.

An FBI spokesman confirmed on Wednesday that the U.S. government is working on a controversial Internet spying technology, code-named ``Magic…

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It’s all 1 conspiracy!!! I tell you!!! I have seen before legal governements trying to keep the internet under it’s mighty hand. But I don’t know if that is still possible nowadays. I thought the USA were a FREE land, where you can do whatever you want to do (if reasonable and not damaging for environment and other people and so on). But this country should be better off called China2 or something like that. Because THAT is exactly the way that it’s heading to!

All I gotta say is: Trillian. He had a vote on what features people wanted implemented and one of the options is encryption on chats. Lets see the US goverment try to decode 128 bit encryption on every single chat that takes place on the internet. The future of the internet will simply be handed over to companies that provide us with the software to maintain our privacy.

If it uses a backdoor in windows then all my Microsoft software goes in the bin and I will move over to Linux. If it happens Microsoft would never get a single penny from me again, not even for a mouse or joystick.

re: nila The NSA/FBI/CIA only allow 128bit encrytion in software because they can quickly, don’t kid yourself that any level of encryption that US companies are allowed to export cannot be broken quickly by the above organistions.

what stops creative thinkers from finding a way to exploit these government made trojans? what is going to stop people developing software for removing these trojans? are they going to make it a criminal offense to protect your privacy? because if they are the land of the free is becoming more like china everyday

Did you know that Israelis have a backdoor to the FBI phone wiretap software and has been illegally wiretapping and interfering with the WTC investigation. It just came out on Fox news. Before you think i made this please read it yourself.,2933,40824,00.html Here’s a quote "And what troubles investigators most, particularly in New York, in the counter terrorism investigation of the World Trade Center attack, is that on a number of cases, suspects that they had sought to wiretap and survey immediately changed their telecommunications processes. They started acting much differently as soon as those supposedly secret wiretaps went into place '“ Brit? That means they can and have wiretapped anyone they want, and they warn their friends when the FBI puts on wiretaps.

right. sure, your average moron doesnt know shit aboot security, uses windoze and whatnot. the ppl that they are usualy after, arent dumbasses. Id like to see them get past properly configured security ona BSD box. :4

cHodAX - I’m aware they can break it but that’s not the problem. The problem is that if everyone is using encryption in their chats they would have to be able to decypher it on the fly in order to be able to keep up with all of it. And trying to do that for 10 million people or more is something that they dont have the computer power to do. If they had one specific target then sure they could decypher his messages, but it means they cant just monitor conversations in general.

The new world order strikes again. Money is always the reason

What? Not trust the FBI? Why? After all, these are the same people who “didn’t” spy on MLK, and “didn’t” listen in on Starr. After all these years of scrupoulus honesty, what have we to fear? (Note: For the many morons out there, I was being sarcastic). I have yet to have heard of a criminal who Carnivore has caught, why would this be any different?

Sorry for reposting, but… Two things: 1. The FBI cannot decipher any modern encryption (with the possible exception of DES) in a reasonable amount of time, unless they are about 100 years ahead of the open society. 2. Eavesdropping isn’t even the FBI’s job, it’s the NSA’s. They are way out of their jurisdiction.

When I was kid, FBI wa cool, I would have wanted to be one of them (all though I’m Finnsih so it would have been all most impossible), but nowdays I’m not quite sure about my opinnion about FBI, but if they really are allowed to do what they are planning, I say that what gives right for the United states pf ****ing america the right to be worlds police? They think they can do anything they want cause they are americans. And what comes to their freedom, they have never been free, NEVER. Yeah, it’s so free country that you have to put paperbag on booze botle before you can drink it, and still everyone knows that there is booze, and so many other things, their court is nothing but a big joke, or sure it’s good for those who really are guilty, cause if they have enough money, they can get good lawyer and they are free, America is only country in the world where judge only declares judgment. And the laws… they are great. One is, You are not allowed to cross two states border with duck in your head (and it’s real law there), You are not allowed to take LION with you to the movies, You are not allowed to eat Donuts and walk backwards at the sametime. LOL Anyway, enough with america, If FBI, really gets the authority to do such things like troja horse, I really hope that some big companys will say that they are not allowed to do it, and if FBI really starts saying "hey we are FBI, we can do what we want if George bush says so (I’m not gonna say anything about Bush) Then… Well… what could I do? Nothing, just come here and say it sucks, cause I can’t do anything else… well I could travel to africa and raise all those jungle fellows to rebellion, and attack against America (I really doubt that it would work). So I can’t do anything. I hope that someone will say something to put stop to that…

nobody will do online banking and no more secure server if such spying tools ever exist. what’s gonna happen if these info (or the trojan) get info the evil hands… no matter how safe they (the FBI) claim, somebody’s gonna crack it anyway. (which security software/devices are not?)

Too true

So could this be the “secret mission” that the “Cult of the Dead Cow” (people behind Back Orifice, there website now mentions something about work they are doing for the government and having to modify it so virus killers don’t remove it) have been on about on their website.

The stuff on the Cult of The Dead Cow website is just a joke. Anyway here’s the link

George Orwell’s prediction came over 17 years late. Big Brother is really happening. :r Yeah, damn americans do think they can do what they want. (apologies to respectable americans. both of them… :d )


In the next couple of years the Americans are going to realise that they DON’T rule the world and the ordinary U.S citizen is going to be humbled right down to the ground (sic) enough to show REAL respect to the Rest Of The World. Arseholes , with an R shallow faeces.