Legal software?

What does the BSA want?
That everybody throws away their illegal stuff and then buy the legal stuff.

Okay, but then just buy Windows2000, office2000, and a few games?
Wel maybe if you earn a lot of cash per month you can save for a few months and can buy them. By then your computer cost less than the software installed on it. GREAT!
Mortals can’t pay the prices of the software-giants.

For me, BSA-informants are the most lowest lifeforms on the earth, yes even lower as BSA-employees. and basically you can’t go lower on the evolutional scale.

Should i ever encounter a BSA-informant i would pin his head on his croch.

yes they want that so…

The complete BSA story is stupid ! Those guys have IQ’s of -40.

I’d love to check some personal computers from BSA employees at home. I bet that even THEY haven’t bought every program on their system ! You almost have to be a millionaire to really BUY everything !!

And why a fcking BSA ?? Doesn’t Microsoft or Adobe or whoever have enough profits ? Fuck 'em … 'cause of the illegal software it’s somekind a marketing instrument for them. If there wasn’t such a thing as illegal software … everybody would be using Linux i guess … (hmm … would be great too … haha ). And the hardware market would fall apart. Because of all the illegal games and shit, people buy heavy and expensive computer systems. … Just think about that … you stupid fcking BSA members/employees !! It’s all a closed circle !

And what about the record companies in the Netherlands who think they are smart and are going to SELL music on the internet ! Great idea … i think … but hell … they ask for the same amount of cash as a real cd in the shop … STUPID STUPID … When they would ask for about 10 dutch guilders, almost everyone would buy it legal on the net !!!

Ohh and about BSA informants: shall i start a phone-line where you can report those assholes ?

Then we can pay them a visit.