Legal questions regarding P2P downloading

Hi CD Freaks, I’m a newbie and this will seem like a stupid question to you guys, so I will post it here, appolligies if it is in the wrong area,
I have searched previous posts etc…and still not quite sure about this…but if I joined Limewire for instance…and downloaded some music…am I acting illegally ?..and can I still join such a site for want of a better word…if I opted not to share any music…(trying to be legal, still in doubt, ) .if there is such an option…I have just put on my hard hat…and flak jacket…so fire away guys…thanks for any advice…Lynxie

According to the way the RIAA feels if you obtain music don’t pay so that they get a cut what you’re doing is illegal. They would probably leave you alone if you aren’t sharing any music but with that organization you never really know.

Hi Lynxie and welcome to the forum… :flower:. No reason for flaming, since you asked a reasonable question very nicely. :slight_smile:

There is plenty of music freely available via peer-to-peer (P2P) connections such as Limewire, and you could try the P2P forum here for some links:

I just have to point out that we can’t give advice on anything that is copyrighted and distributed illegally though…

Thanks for speedy response Sikoone…I have a feeling its illegal…but so many friends use it and they say its legal…too good to be true…so to speak…thinks me…just thought I would ask you guys…thanks again

Thanks imkidd57…will go take another look…by the way…sometimes you here a nice music track…go buy the cd…and then dont like rest of album…been dissapointed this way many times…so P2P seems atractive…as I say many friends use it…but dont wish to rob the artist so to speak…I think I am digging myself self into a hole here…thanks guys…

Hi Gang…thanks imkidd57…just spent some more time reading posts there…now I am more frightened and confused than before…I guess its not for me…back to the record shop…thanks guys

You can buy individual tracks from iTunes or various other sources, but personally I baulk at forking out for a compressed-to-shite piece of music when you can often buy the whole original CD for 99p upwards on Ebay. Plenty of reputable second-hand CD sellers there… and once you own the CD then there’s no digital rights management to worry about.

On your philosophical point about other tracks being initially disappointing… it’s true and I have felt that myself, but so many times it has also happened that after listening to these ‘duff’ tracks a few times, they start to grow on you and occasionally become the best tracks on the album.

It’s a sad fact that the individual track purchase way of not being forced to listen to something, can deprive us of a significant aspect of musical appreciation…