Legal Questions on DVD Shrink DVD Fab Etc

I’m thinking of putting out a guide book and/or doing consulting to the people who are too lazy or incompotent to use the web to find out great software like DVD Shrink & DVD Fab. My questions for anyone are, and to date I have never received a straight answer on this:

  1. Is it against the law to put in writing how to copy commercially decrypted DVD’s by telling them about downloading programs like Shrink, etc., even though this is public information that can be easily found? Can you get sued for this by the studios? Suppose you advise someone how to do this. Can you also get sued?

  2. Same thing with telling someone where to get souped up DVD recorders witht he decryption chip removed and/or devices that remove the encryption on DVD recorders. Can telling people where to buy this stuff get you in trouble with film industry, etc.

The answer to both your questions is that it depends upon where you live and/or, more accurately, where you publish.

Different countries have different laws and the answer to each of your questions is that it is legal in some countries whilst illegal in others. :wink:


I would publish it in E Book Form if I was going to do this project and make sure server is off shore. I’d also consult with an attorney. Your biggest enemy will probably be civil law suits. I know Afterdawn has taken several programs off their download site for what as I understand was a deal to prevent legal action. I am sure there have been many types of tutorials written on the subject and are already on the market. I even have a CD of one that was with an auction I bought off ebay.