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before I ask the legal question, let me explain what brings it up, I got pulled over tonight about 60 miles from my home and ONLY becuase im a young kid (23) in a nice car (viper) this cop figured there must be something going on so he treats me like a common criminal and searches the HELL out of my car. This cop comes across 6 or so of my backed up dvd’s (I have a flip screen in the dash and like to watch movies in the car from time to time) he says they are “bootleg” copies and he can arrest me right now and I’ll have up to 5 years in jail and up to a $250,000 fine, I explained they are backups of my legaly purchased dvd’s, he said that it does NOT matter.

so is he right? is it legal to make backups of YOUR own dvd’s? I always thought it was legal


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The way I understand it anything that circumvents the copy protection violates the law even though fair use says you can make a back-up, kinda catch-22 since to do a copy with protection in tact is almost impossible-if not really expensive.

well in that case does every movie have copy protection?

Commercial ones-almost to a fault

In the U.S., it is probably legal. It is illegal to [B]sell[/B] devices or software designed for copying protected works, but not to posses or use them. Here is a link to the Fair Use provisions of U.S. Copyright law. Keep in mind that what you can and can’t do in this area is more often determined by court decisions than by the letter of the law. I am not a lawyer but I play one on TV (and work with a different branch of the Copyright Office in connection with my work). Find a real lawyer; the search of your car sounds bogus without probable cause.

Keep us informed about how this turns out. I am interested.

I think it’s a grey area. The reason is the copy protection on the
dvd’s is so that you can’t sell or make copies to play like at a public
place. Also so you can’t infringe on the right’s of buissneses that
rent them to make a profit. Personally I have always found it silly
because , after a few months or so you can record them off of t.vo
if you have cable or satellite t.v. I guess interpol would have a
problem calling personal privicey illegal.
Good Luck ZAP.

I had the same problem with a cop. Next time just say you recorded them off sateilite. How will he know Everyone owns a DVR these days right? Don’t sweat it.

Why the hell did you allow the cop to search your car???

The following should be watched in its entirety by all US citizens:

Good morning, stugots2. Welcome to the forum.

Not to make light of your predicament, just think on this.

If the police over in the USofA are any thing like the ones over here when they pull you over, they look for signs of " attitude. "

So, if the patrolman is satisfied that you were nearly wetting your pants with all his questions, you’ll hear nothing else about it.

In all probability, he was having a good laugh with his buddies about it later on back at the station.:iagree:

See you later, then. Jim :smiley:

[QUOTE=Pelvis Popcan;1923527]Why the hell did you allow the cop to search your car???

The following should be watched in its entirety by all US citizens:

that was a great vid thanks for that.

the reason I allowed him to seatch was, where this is , is a hick town where the WHOLE system is related (through sister screwing) and they can get away with murder. My cousin has lived there for about 10 years (howhe does it have no idea) and about 6 months ago a cop pulls him out of his house at 4am because SOMEONE said he was speeding the week before. So basicly I knew if I didn’t let him search he would have it “towed” and it would not make it in 1 piece. and that car is in mint condition I couldn’t risk it.

You might like to read carefully section 1201 of the DMCA. One tiny sentence makes it a grey area in the USA - that in 1201©. Almost every other section inflicts prohibition on copying.

© OTHER RIGHTS, ETC., NOT AFFECTED.—(1) Nothing in this
section shall affect rights, remedies, limitations, or defenses to
copyright infringement, including fair use, under this title.

However, fair use has a real bloody nose in actual case law and that is what determines what is legal where there are grey areas. Sad to say, the poor consumer (or program developer) hasn’t the funds to defend his purported rights against corporate America (which thoroughly has the politicians in its pocket) and when they do, the case history of losses just continues to pile up. In the main, people just decide to give in and walk away without a fight.

[I]Nothing in this post is to be contrued as giving legal advice.[/I]


would love to know how this all turns out.
Thanks. Please let us know.

Great Video! I fell more American already! Kudos…

well he never actually got me for the “bootleg” movie so I guesss we’ll never know what would have went down

Glad to hear the officer didn’t follow through with his threat…I’m sure there were plenty of other “serious” crimes he should be tending to than a few DVD copies…

I’m a “vette-driver” so like you, I’m used to the “hairy-eyeball” from police…that video really opened my eyes!..

Thanks for the link, it will probably save my butt in the future!..