Legal question

I’m new to downloaded games from ea link. I paid for the Sims expantion pack Seasons. I heard that I have to log on to ea link every time I want to play the game. Is it legal and possible to burn it to a cd or dvd so I can just play it from that instead of waiting for my husband to get off line playing Madden? :smiley:

Have you read the license agreement?
I assume that the license agreement is available before you pay for the download. In that license agreement it should be stated what is and what is not allowed.

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I agree the License Agreement is your bible if you legal minded person.

Thank you for your response.

I’m trying to filter through all the legal jargon to see if copying it to cd will be the same as copying a game I already own to cd as I see so many suggusting. I legally bought the game through ea link, I can download it to up to 3 computers. Is there a way to burn it to a cd for my own personal use, so I don’t have to have the internet to play it?

This is really one of those gray areas that there is no good answer for it. Let say if you have cable TV and either DVR recorder form Cable Company or DVD recorder yourself and subscribe to HBO, ShowTime and other, generally speaking you the recording device to record your favorite shows or programs when you can’t watch at broadcast time and then replay and watch it. May be the same thing can be applied to your case also.

Again, thank you for the responses.
I think I won’t worry about it now. I just found out that I log in once to ea link to start the game, but I play it off line. And if I get a new computer I can just download the game again for free at ea link.