Legal pressure forces DVDxCopy software off Australian shelves

I just posted the article Legal pressure forces DVDxCopy software off Australian shelves.

Australian distributors and retailers have been contacted by an Australian affiliate of the Motion Picture Association of Amercia (MPAA) to remove the software of 321 Studios. The company …

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It’s funny how the organisations seem to concentrate on killing products none of us use. I can only assume that they want to make backing DVDs up appear difficultimpossible to the average user, thereby limiting the backing up of DVDs to those more technically aware…

Its gotta be me but has anyone out there noticed in the last, oh, 2 months how much Australia is going to hell so fast? Its gotta be that Penal Colony mentality or they’re simply having a bad summer down there in Oceania - I mean… If I were living in our Commonwealth neighbour, I’d start thinking about recruiting assassins and bombers and start erasing a**hole politicans/lawmakers and other dicks who are slowly eroding YOUR personal freedoms away. I simply can’t believe the utter BS that is going on down there and its ONE AFTER THE OTHER! Train the local “Roo” population to sock your local lawmakers into denial. That and a good olde fashioned Coup D’Etat - sometimes civilizations need a revolution to air out the dirty laundry. :g

Here we go again with the fear tactics, this country is being lead (but not for long) by a monkey with an American flag stuck up his arse! We never had a culture of litigation before in this country, (something to do with our convict past) we stood up to tyrants and bullies like AFACT ( which benefits the “Artist” not at all!) we are not yet the 51st state and the FTA has not been ratified. It is interesting that FACT’s have never prosecuted a copyright infringement in the Australian Federal court, instead relying on the big stick and illegal seizures of goods and equipment to beat “Pirates” into submission and claiming there all part of organized crime syndicates…give me a break! It’s about time we stood up to these thugs and bullies. More than half of the population have bootleg copies of something in their homes! Oh I forgot they are fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way!

Whilst I don’t know anybody at all who actually uses this proggy, the simple fact is that ALL copying of copyright movies is illegal in Oz and therefore a CSS removal utility cannot have any legitimate (i.e. legal) use. :o