Legal Peer-to-peer trading site

I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this but I just found a peer to peer site for trading the actual dvd or cd…

Seems pretty legit. You could get a cd, burn a copy and then trade the original for another and keep repeating the process. You do have to trade originals though no copies from what I got from the FAQ area.


If you trade your original I don’t think you can keep a copy of it because you don’t own the original any longer. It looks like just another scan to me but I could be wrong.

while the trading of dvds in and of itself it legal, what you just described IS NOT LEGAL.

on this forum we only condone backing up dvds that you OWN. from what I gather, you just described the same concept and renting and ripping…

MY bad…I didn’t know you couldn’t buy a cd, copy it onto your computer and then give it to or trade it to someone else…thanks for the info

after reading the FAQ page of the site they say you can’t trade burned copies and that you have to trade the original so I guess it’s legit.

its free and it looks like a pretty good way to see a bunch of dvds for basically free…a lot cheaper then renting or buying.


this site is legit…it is new though so hopefully they market it to get some new members and some new dvds up.

The service is legit as has been said but backing up and then passing on the original may not be.

yeah you’re right…you have to own the original if you have a copy…i didn’t know that until this forum…you learn something new everyday

Actually even that is debateable as in some countries you don’t have the legal right to make a back up, England and Wales are as an example though it is tolerated as the companies know they would never succeed in suing anyone for it. Instead they go after the ways round it, for example mod chips are no longer allowed to be sold here or making it a crime criminally as opposed to civil tobreak encryption to make a back up etc.

For more info on copyrights, check

And different countries have different laws. In France it was recently ruled that both uploading and downloading is legal (don’t know all the details and it may be a very factual situation).

As these copyright laws are very tricky, especially for an international forum like ours, we better play it safe and apply very strict rules here…we attract too much attention to cross the lines…

But from what I understand, whether or not you are backing up the originals you are trading before trading them is irrelevent to the actual trading of the originals, as monitored by this site, which is legal.

There have been a lot of these kind of services are appearing over the past year, they’re legitimate and legal (on the whole, it’s not impossible that there might be a few scams out there). I still doubt the MPAA are happy about it at all, they don’t even particularly like rental services like Blockbuster.

Also, there’s no need for regular members to hand out lectures on what the rules are, that’s what the moderators and “report bad post” function are for.