Legal music with AudioJack

I have found a new program - AudioJack.
AudioJack is a versatile tool to obtain your favorite music from the internet in a legal manner. :cool:
To achieve this goal, AudioJack does not search some obscure file-sharing networks for your favorite songs but takes advantage of the abundant selection of internet radio stations which deliver an incredible variety of music 24/7.
I have tested it and have been surprised how extensive AudioJack is. You find a demoversion under
Yesterday I have ordered AudioJack :iagree:


yes, the software is very good. I have taken up a lot of music. The quality is very good. Convert is also no problem.
A praise to the developers.


Sounds like a promotion. So we will be fair: Radiotracker Premium records from 8,000 shoutcast MP-3 internet radiostations “all-you-can-eat” on your hard disk. Easy handling. In a short time I got thousands of music tracks! I can listen to one radio station while I am recording another 20 streams. And last but not least. I saved 30% with a discount from

Sorry the discount site is only in German. More information about Radiotracker you will get in English at:

So is this really legal and are thier any free programs that do the same thing?

I don’t know if it is legal or not but I tried the Radiotracker software. Too bad the trial sucks! :a For one thing they crippled the hell out of it, so you cannot really evaluate it. Also, I have a slow connection at work so I let the program run while I went to lunch as it was slow to gather the music on my shared connection. Came back, only to find it had “expired” since it dl’ed 25 tracks and all it does is nag for payment. I thought the damn thing would last for 5 days!?! It has only been a couple hours LOL. You can do nothing with the program at this point. So I was unable to play with the program at all. It has been banished from my drive… :Z Although the music is still on my system. :bigsmile:

Hi All

There is one for the Mac called WireTap…

It records anything that the Mac is playing…

Tune into your favourite online station, hit record and there you have it.

As I say it records anything that the Mac is playing, it could be your favourite CD, DVD anything you want the sound from.

Slightly off topic…
So what you guys are saying is its legal to copy off the radio v so if i for example capture music videos off sky tv with my capture card would you say this is legal\illegal…(for personal use only)
please dont reply with “who will find out etc” i am only interested in how it would stand legally…
If in the uk sky to vhs is ok. Then sky to dvd should be ok also…

Nobody is saying it is legal to do it, you just have absolutely NO chance of being caught…

I know you have no or little chance of being caught that is not my point
Here in uk its ok to record tv with a video recorder
So going along that lines it might be ok to capture music videos from the many music channels using a capture card…

Here in the UK it is not legal to record TV with a Video recorder, infact it is not legal anywhere. What you are recording is copyrighted material that you have no right to record for any reason. The fact of the matter is that so many people are doing it that they have no chance in a court of law. The TV people etc do not like it, but as I say so many are doing it what chance do they have.

It is only when people put it online or sell it etc that they really get the arse, so to speak. Record it, keep it to yourself, and all should be fine. Just be careful how you obtain it :slight_smile:

The UK copyright law used to run for I think 70-75 years, so bear that in mind as well.

Since when was it not legal there are many links on this including this one…
although DVR seems a bit of a grey area with lawsuits looming…

Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios
Sony Corp v. Universal City Studios, 464 U.S. 417 (1984) (Docket Number: 81-1687), is also known as the Betamax case. The Supreme Court of the United States found that the making of individual copies of complete television shows for home use is considered fair use, and that the manufacture of devices, such as Betamax or VCRs, to facilitate that is legal. Arguments were presented on January 18, 1983, and re-presented on October 3, 1983. The decision was announced on January 17, 1984.

source is a PC Software that is listening and recording Internet radio broadcast streams. This is absolutly legal. It is the same as recording of normal broadcast radio via air.

Unfortunately you need a aDSL high speed internet connection using . If you have one, will burn your hard disk. In two days I got more than 1,000 tracks of heavy metal music.
OK, the 25 free songs of the test version could be more, but for me it was enough to buy the software.

It is still not legal to make a recording of something that is copyrighted and belongs to sombody else, unless the site or the software developers are paying all the artists you download a royalty fee for everything recorded.

The software maybe legal but what it is being used for is not.

You pay rates for watching TV, for listening broadcast radio and if you buy a CD for burning. There are in different ways fees included that the music industry will get. In Germany for instance everyone have to pay GEMA oder GEZ fees. Listening and recording of music is allowed. In US there are other software applications similar to

You are right if you are the opinion that criminells can use Radiotracker to record music and take it to file sharing systems. That is illegal. But for user who will record for their own private use is a legal and easy tool to get fast thousands of MP-3 music files.


Fair use laws make it perfectly legal in the US to record broadcast TV and radio for personal use. It would only be illegal here if it were being decrypted in order to view or listened to, but it’s not encrypted.

I paid for a copy of the radiotracker software and think it is well worth the price, < $20 US.

So how do you go about finding decent radio stations? I downloaded the audiojack trial and though it listed hundreds of stations, many didn’t work and I had a hard time finding much I liked. Do you just google for stations and then add them?
Fyi, does anybody know how long the audiojack free trial is? - looks like it may be a free alternative to radiotracker, at least in some ways

That looks like it might have promise. I got on the web sites for local radio stations that I listen to (which seem to play online through windows media player). I tried to add the url to audiojack but couldn’t get it to work. Seems this free one will record (and seperate out the songs) from anything playing on windows media player. I wonder what the catch is (they don’t seem to be asking for donations (at least not out front), they claim no add/spyware etc. My guess is that they are new and trying to get popular (and then might add ads or go pay) since thier forum has 7 members and 1 thread.
Thanks for the link Matth!!! I’ll have to give it a try (tomorow when I have time as I gotta work shortlly and then again in the earlly morning).

I gave it a try and it didn’t work right. It installed but would not start (I think it and spybot-sdresident didn’t get along too well. I’ll have to check it out later.

In the end it all comes too the fact, that free software has a lot of bugs, and when u are 'njoying it the most it crushes for no reason, cause nobody has the responsability to keep them working. :sad:
I found out about on this forum and i’m very fond of it, and for a few bucks it’s really worth it