Legal music downloads make major take off by tenfold in 2004



I just posted the article Legal music downloads make major take off by tenfold in 2004.

  It is not  until know that the  music industry just realise how popular music download sales would become.  Around 200  million downloadable tracks were sold online in 2004, 10 times the ...
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That is a moot point, because the sales had nowhere else to go but up.


“This works out an average of $1.65 a pop and with the average music store selling tracks for $1 a pop, either some stores are seriously overcharging their tunes or some tweaking was made to make figures look more impressive before making them public.” These sales figures include Europe appearently and most stores in Europe were selling (and some still are) songs at well above the one dollar mark. For example, iTunes was selling their tracks at one pound to start with… which translates into a little more than one dollar and fifty cents. There were many other countries charging similar rates in different currencies. This is why there’s a difference in the price. No conspiracy here.


But of course it could have all been a flop…an unlikely senario, but it could have been…


and it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the number of music files traded via P2P. My bet is that one years worth was about 1 days worth on P2P.