Legal music downloads decline in popularity



We’ve just posted the following news: Legal music downloads decline in popularity[newsimage][/newsimage]

The number of legal music downloads in the United States has dramatically decreased last year.

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I download an album every so often I don’t do as much as I’d like ,the wife has a hairy , she said I’ve every thing out there and don’t i have enough to listen to.Well there is a lot of music out there .Amazon is where I download the most ,it’s so easy Now vinyl I didn’t care for them yers ago and don’t think I’d like them now.


Almost 99% of music that I am purchasing is [B]VINYL[/B] the other 1% is [B]CD’s[/B] and I hope that I want ever have to buy my music online.
I can only view this as good news.


I was recently offered Spotify for 99Cents U.S or $0.99 for 3 months of streaming service of their premium so I signed up great deal and music playback sounds decent but not all tracks are playable offline so when it comes to paying full price I will likely drop the service I want to be able to play music offline on my PC as I have cap on my bandwith.


I have thought for years that the public wants easy access to entertainment content in mass quantities and will pay a reasonable fee for it. The consumers are slowly forcing this business model on the entertainment industry but they are fighting it hard. The consumer always wins though and the businesses that continue to resist will cease to exist.