Legal Music download with no DRM



I have an I-audio M3 MP3 player (also plays OGG, WMA and ASF) which unfortunately does not support any DRM system. Can anybody recommend a legal music download site that I can use to download pay per track music?

I know that I could use Napster, burn the music to a CD and then copy it back but thats a bit of a hassle and in any case I’ve read that Napster may be changing their DRM to stop that approach.



As for 100% legit sites no, they all have DRM. However has a massive selection of DRM free music where you can choose your download format/quality, and it does have MP3 (128-320kbps on most audio files) as an option. It is not clear yet if it is legal, as it is hosted in Russia where copyright laws are very relaxed, it is safe to use, well, I have never heard of anybody having money stolen by them.



Tunebite and Muvaudio removes DRM.


As far as i know its legal …


I think this is the case, but I know they have often had threats bought against them by anti-piracy organisations. I know they are walking a very thin tightrope. I think it is fully legal in Russia, but the issue is that they are openly serving (a majority) of customers from outside of Russia. It seems that then it is not clear what the law says.