Legal .mp3 downloads IN BULK?


I need about 1000 .mp3’s for some software I’ve written. I just need a bunch of random songs, and I don’t really care what they sound like.

So my question is, is there any website or something where I can download a crapload of songs in bulk. (must all be .mp3’s) I’ve been at sites like Acidplanet, but you have to click through to each page before you download and it would take me an eternity.

I just need 1000 .mp3’s to run tests on, and I want to get them as easily as possible. Any ideas??

(The site should be for legal downloads… I’m on a school campus and they monitor illegal download activity)

Thanks!! has hundreds of live recordings (in the live music archive) in MP3 format. They probably could easily fill your need 20 or so at a time.

You are probably quicker by ripping some of your CDs into MP3…

they have alot of discographies you can download at good speeds. could probably help you out if you don’t mind a long sign up. It’s free.

They only have cover songs right now though I believe, so it’s not the original artists performing the songs on the .MP3’s. I doubt your software will care though :slight_smile: