Legal Movie download sites - Any suggestions?

Dont really know which thread to put this in but does anyone know what the best sites for downloading decent quality movies/TV shows are LEGALLY!!! I don’t mind paying and they dont neccesarily have to have bang up to date films I just want to know which was are the best as I’ve searched most paying ones but they don’t let you know what films they have in the archive until after you have paid and I dont want naff films.
Any advice guys :confused:

Reputaable ones should let you browse the films they have available before you pay. The ones you mention sound like sites that charge and then point you to programmes like eMule which you can get for free anyway, this then puts you in the reams of illegal activity depending on where you are.

To be honest I have not heard of any yet along the lines of iTunes if that is what you mean though there are plans for them as the speed of downloading with bb has increased dramatically.

A friend of mine actually contacted the anti-piracy groups MPAA for example to ask if there are any legal download services available as he wantss to stay on the right side of the law. He is waiting to hear back from them. If they give him any I will let you know.

You picked the right place to post this. Actually, I’m glad you ask this question. Check out this news article from a couple weeks ago.

At the bottom you can read a little about CinemaNow. The reason I bring this up is they have a free 7 day trial, and it would be interesting to know if this service is what you are looking for. Of course you will have to have broadband, but if you’re wanting to DL films I am assuming you do.

The only thing is I guess you have to be in the US so I don’t know if you are. I do know that after 7 days if you don’t like the service you owe nothing. For an example, the movie “Hitch” is available @700Kbs for $3.99. A little pricey perhaps, but you don’t have to leave the house or burn gas to get it. Also, when we compare this to the cost of a single episode of “Desperate Housewives” that gets $1.99 at iTunes, it seems like a better deal. Especially when the iTunes product is made for a tiny handheld video iPod screen.

My recommendation would to check out sites that show video content as you would for music content. The main difference would be that websites offering video content don’t always offer previews, however all legitimate sites will show what content they offer in order to lure in customers, as with legitimate music download sites.

Here are some tips to follow, as with for music download sites:

  1. As JayC30 mentioned, if the site does not let you browse its collection, it is pretty much guaranteed to be a con or scam of some sort. As with such sites pretending to offer music without the ability to browse prior to signing up, the customer is usually fooled into paying to access file sharing software that can be freely downloaded elsewhere, not to mention the legal risks for file sharing as it is! :doh:

  2. Look for hardware and software requirements. As video content is fairly hefty on resources, especially with older PCs, the majority of legitimate sites will mention what software is required as well as the minimum & recommended hardware requirements. Fake & con sites generally don’t mention anything about the hardware, since obviously video content shared over P2P varies widely in size, codec usage, resolution and bitrate, making it virtually impossible to give a minimum & recommended requirement.

  3. If the site requires you to download their software, such as a dedicated software player for their service, make sure you can download this without having to give any personal details. Like legitimate music sites, most online video download / rental services that use its own player encourage the user to download their player to view previews, etc. Cons & scam sites generally demand the user to first sign up or pay for the service before they get access to the software (which may end up being Winamp, Media Player classic or something else freely available).

  4. Look for pricing. Note that rental services may have a flat rate monthly service and / or per film pricing, however legitimate sites generally always advertise their pricing. Con & scam sites tend to require the user to enter their name and e-mail address first. This means that if the user is put off, their e-mail address ends up on the sites mailing list! Oops… :eek:

  5. Finally, try browsing about the site. Almost all con & scam sites I’m aware of present a registration or sign-up page no matter what the user clicks on. If you keep getting nagged with a registration page for the majority of links, consider looking elsewhere. :disagree:

One final note: As online video download services are not as common as music download stores, unfortunately you will have to sift through a lot of dodgy websites before you find any decent ones. Just be warned that unlike music download services, very few if any legitimate movie download services allow you to burn downloaded movies to DVD and most limit playback to the PC the video was purchased from and possibly a Windows Media based portable media player. :rolleyes:

Anyway, good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your guidance chaps I have took all that on board keep looking out and post back my findings in due course. :bow:

For legal <a href=“”>movie downloads</a>, check out EZTakes. They enable you to <a href=“”>download movies</a> that you can burn to recordable DVDs and then watch by using standard DVD players. You can also watch EZTakes movies on your PC, save a copy on your hard drive and burn any number of copies for personal use only. They have developed technology to mark each download with the customer’s name; however, the company has rejected what it calls “futile rights management restrictions.” Their catalog is small now (they sign contracts with all movie owners), but has been growing lately. The company also has an iPod interface in the works. The EZTakes site provides a <a href=“”>comparison of itself with MovieLink, CinemaNow, BitTorrent and even retail DVDs</a>. EZTakes is the type of movie download site that should be supported by consumers and the movie industry.

Check the links here, they list some movie download sites along with music and tv show downloads.