Legal matter

Hi, this is my first post here, I tried searching and go through here with no luck.

I was wondering, I have been ripping all my music cd’s into my
computer and I’ve stumble on some heavily scratch cd’s, some
completely damage, that I bought a very long time ago and
didn’t bother then to put them into there cases and just left them
on the stereo or table and regret that so much.

Is it illegal to go to a torrent site and download it there, I have
them all here in my desk draw or do I have to go out and buy
them all again and say lesson learned?


Yes, it is illegal, since the copy that you download has been uploaded illegally. That said, it’s unlikely that anyone would care if you retain the original lawful discs.

Thanks for the quick answer and clearing that out for me.

Not an answer to the legal question philamber covered that .
I would give EAC a try in burst mode. The worst that will happen is it won’t be able to rip a copy. If EAC does rip a copy you will just need to listen for any errors .

Even heavily scratched CD’s can be buffed out.

I have a professional disc cleaner and I have cleaned up some pretty rough ones and got them working long enough to make a back up copy.

I’ve done burst mode in EAC with some of them and listen to them and also used the repair method in CueTools and the where ok.
The problem with the rest is where the label part is, I can actually see through when I lift them up against light.

But thanks for the suggestions.

If the label is damaged you really can’t do anything about that. The press is on the bottom of the label.
Check your local library to see if they have the same CD so you can at least enjoy listening to it again.
Some libraries even do Interlibrary loan from across the USA.(I didn’t check to see if you are in the USA).
I did the Interlibrary loan with a Donovan CD .

Yes, I knew if the label is damage then the CD is gone. I tried go to my local library and the where actually worse scratches on them then mine. I’m currently located in Denmark so that is out of the question but thanks for mention that, you never know.
Seems if I want to get them back legally I have to bite the bullet and buy them again.

I want to thank you all for your post and quick responses.