Legal heavyweights to defend Music City

I just posted the article Legal heavyweights to defend Music City.

Looks like the EFF(Electronic Frontier Foundation)is joining forces to help out Kazaa, Music City and Grokster due to the law suit brought about by the RIAA.

"In October, the RIAA and the Motion…

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I hope the RIAA fails on this case as we need just one to fail to stop (or seriously dampen) their inititive to stop all online file sharing.

Fish is right. If they win they will think they are invincible and they’ll just keep charging. If they loose they’ll have to step back.

Based on the tactics the RIAA are willing to use to accomplish their ultimate goal of shutting down all trading of intellectual property on the net, I would say that they seriously need to be taken down a couple of notches. :4

Even if the RIAA wins. It won’t stop anything. Another file sharing network will be born. There is no stoping the file sharing. Even if they manage to stop every one. There is still CDR and snail mail. :slight_smile: