Legal downloads of music may soon surpass pirated

I just posted the article Legal downloads of music may soon surpass pirated.

    Sighting convenience, quality, lack of  viruses and prosecution as justification, many netizens have given up  on illegal fileswapping and have chosen a legal route to obtain their music...
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I wanna hear the crybaby new excuses now from the RIAA since that one got killed. Oh wait…i got it… “Illegal filesharing is responsible for us not getting that other 50% of the market.” :rolleyes:

Yes I agree. Now if we could simply do away with the annoying DRM on these lossy tracks. I think that piracy would drop further. :d

Where’d they conduct their survey? At If you want to judge by online traffic, I’m sure you’ll still see that the huge majority of bandwidth is taken up by Bittorrent and other P2P apps - all of course trading only files that are legally DRM’d or in the public domain. “Isaac, the intellectual property cops are climbing up my ass” But then they wouldn’t be the only ones going about flinging misleading statistics about:

The problem here, as I believe BoingBoing pointed out, is that the numbers are bogus. They aren’t exclusive - they overlap. The 35% who download music legally could also download it illegally, and be counted under both parts. And what if they downloaded one legal song and one hundred illegal songs? Those figures wouldn’t be affected. Bleh.

From "This is a classic example of bogus statistics. The two figures have absolutely nothing to do with each other. The 30% of people using legal downloads might be mutually exclusive or totally overlapping with the 40% that use illegal downloads. The numbers need not total to 100% (and could total to more than 100%). At best we can conclude: 1. No greater than 70% of music listeners download music (legal or illegal) – i.e., as much as 30% of music listeners simply don’t download music. 2. No fewer than 40% of music listeners download music (legal or illegal). 3. At most, 30% use both legal and illegal downloads. 4. It’s possible (based on this limited data) that no one does both illegal and legal downloading. In next month’s survey, both numbers could go up or down since the survey does not ask “do you ONLY download music from legal/ illegal sources.” Moreover, the survey provides no estimates of volumes – illegal downloaders could be downloading 10X or 10X less than their legal-downloading counterparts. Or people that download legal music could be the biggest “pirates” and this survey would be none the wiser. "

not with my money :b:B