Legal Download (are really out there...)


Hello all: Nice place ya’ got here!

Just a heads-up on the whole P2P thing: I’m not sure of how many folks realize that there exists tens of thousands of truly free and legal music downloads from independent labels and artists.

All it really takes is a little bit of looking around. For instance, I created an A/V, Band, Music etc. site last spring and, as part of it, I like to post a free and legal music track each day of the week. Sometimes I find sites with entire albums for free and legal download. In one case (Paper-bag Records), I found 10 damn full albums for free download!

Much of the music that I come upon is a hell of a lot more interesting then the crap that the major labels are putting out!

I suggest that those intrepid music freaks who are interested start here:

Or even here:

You’ll be floored by what you find! To hell with stealing music - show the Majors that you really don’t even need them :Z ! Have a look at my site (no advertising, no pop-ups, no bullshit), grab the 400+ tracks that I have listed there for starters, then explore the links above!

Andrew D.


Excellent stuff, man. Thanx. Great site you got going on there, too. And Canadian to boot. Aahhh…