Legal DoS hacking!

I just posted the article Legal DoS hacking!.

Sometimes it’s legal to hack some site using DoS. That’s what Germany says…
Why? Because of neo-Nazi sites hosted overseas. Because they can’t be shutdown (they are not hosted in Germany), Germany…

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Well, let me know how it works and I’ll practice :wink: Only… …what sites will that be? Are there any logs or something like that which say what sites can be ‘hacked’ by DoS :wink: ? Grtz JP.

Kewl! :slight_smile: I just love the feds :r (NOT!) But those wacko Germans sure keep surprising one and another! :slight_smile: (Greetz to you Pitboy!)

This news ain’t true!!! See (in german)

is’t this how WWII started??? You just don’t shut down a web site because you don’t like it, good grief.

well, refresh your history knowledge!! I don’t think an attack on a website has something to do with WWII!! Finally: isn’t this a good idea to stop this nazi scum?