Legal complaint accuses MPAA of hiring hacker

I just posted the article Legal complaint accuses MPAA of hiring hacker.

  RTV71, DamnedIfIknow, Liggy and  SPINESHANK all used our     news  submit  to tell us about a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, that if proven true in court, would  put the MPAA in...
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I have read somewhere that they have a contract on their hands between the hacker and some MPAA representavie.

… and even if they did do it … and they were found guilty … this would still be morally and ethically justifiable as the MPAA were only committing an actual crime to prevent potential crimes being committed. See? Makes everything all right when you look at it like that. A bit like shooting someone who walks past my house … they MIGHT have been thinking of robbing it - better to shoot them before they might commit the crime :wink:
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You could do that, or u can pull up a chair in front of your house and sit Dick Chaney in it. It’s about delegating the work :slight_smile:

The way things are going with the screwed up court system even if the MPAA were found guilty they would just have to pay $7.99 and give the victim a free DVD. *laughs

NOW do some of you think that maybe they also put the virus/trojan in p2p to delete medie files??? I did before, and really think so now