Legacy Of Kain - Soul Reaver UK Pal


Is there anywhere to snagg a patch for this one, or does it even exits ??



Join the ever increasing cue mate.
Lets hope it’s soon.


Thank god I’m not the only one still waiting in hope. BTW wip3out kicks big-time…


I just got a patch for Soul Reaver UK PAL done by PARADOX (XOR37H) Released 23/9/99.

I’m sure you’ve found it by now! I have not tried it yet, hopefully tomorrow. Will let you know the results.

I would like to know if any of you have tried using CD FREAKS CD PROTECTOR V1.0 on a MIXED Mode CD and if so your results. I’m getting the error, “NO starting Index was defined for last track”.

Any ideas??


Found, Snagged, Applied, Burned … Yihaaa it works … at least longer than the unpatched one.
Before it hanged just before you entered the training room with 2 “smurfs” …
Thanks for the info on release date and i found it at :