Legacy JVC vs CMC Pro - any test differences?


took something like 10 years of posting break :smile:

Has anyone tested the new-fangled CMC Pro TY replacements against JVC branded legacy TY?
I can’t find any test on this subject, only opinions based on previous experiences with CMC (bad).
Some mentions 30% failure rate in most recent batch (posts from early 2017), others have gone through 500 with no duds.

My point is, if there’s any sense in getting legacy JVC’s at inflated prices, or the CMCs are the same level of good compared to them.

Thanks for any input on this subject,
PS: My interest lies mainly in DVD-R and +R, for CDs, I’d be more likely migrating to Verbatim Silver Top SuperAZO (hopefully still made by Moser Baer in India)




I have no experience with CMC Pro TY as I can not find any to buy. I can still find JVC TY, but I am not sure if I will buy them again, as they are more pricey and I am not sure if they are any better than Verbatim.


Many new JVC already have CMC recording dye on them. TBM lists JVC TY, but in reality those are CMC Pro in different packaging.
The problem with legacy JVC is also limited selection of printable/non-printable surfaces. It seems that only thermal printable is available.


I am talking about genuine JVC TY, labeled made in Japan. They are a little more expensive than Vebratim (last time I checked they were about 5 euro more expensive for 100 discs).


Based on my own testing, CMC Pro’s burning quality is not anywhere close to the authentic JVC TY.
I tried with multiple burners and the PI/PO are horrible!


Looks like Ritek is also joining the game of producing Taiyo Yuden licensed TY media.


Could you provide your test results and not just the conclusion?


Have you checked THIS thread?

Some more scans here and here.


Thanks! This looks useful.
I had similar results using JVC in the old days on those speeds.
Too bad they’re discontinuing TYG02 - they were the best, I don’t burn above 4x so the 8x limit is of no concern.

I wonder though how CD-R would fare…


JVC (TY) made in Japan are still available here and even though a little overpriced (around 30 euro for 100 pack) I am having second thoughts about stocking a few spindles. Or maybe I should stick to Verbatim (around 25 euro for 100 pack)?


Avoid the Verbatim that is made in India, is not worth the money. Few months ago I got 100 pack for the price of 50 pack (from discobianco.com) and I still don’t think the price was appropriate to the quality.

Added: The Verbatim I got locally that was in shrink-wrap package didn’t have discs with MCC MID, instead it had MBI. The Verbatim from discobianco was packed in spindle and have MCC MID.


I always buy Vebratim that is made in Taiwan. I always keep some stock, so if I don’t find Verbatim made in Taiwan, I usually can wait a few weeks till they become available. If I remember correctly, I tried once a shrink-wrap 50 pack DVD-R made in India (because they were cheaper) and quality was not much worse than DVD-R made in Taiwan. But for me DVD-R always scan worse than DVD+R regardless country of origin.


wish i had a scanning drive for you to show some results