Legacy DVD-R 50 Pack at Newegg



Anyone know who makes them, NewEgg’s selling them for a good price and its getting good user reviews.

Just curious!

(PS: if theres any media tests on these please leave a link)


According to the user reviews these discs can either be SONY04D1 or GSC002.
GSC002 is made by GigaStorage.
SONY04D1 could be made by a variety of manufacturers.


I just saw one user review which said that they Princo (yuck) on DVDinfo. Too much of a grab bag for me.


I bought a 50 pack of these about a month ago and they were GSC002. Not the highest quality media I guess but they have very good scans. I am really pleased with them especially at the price Newegg sells them for.


SONY04D1 could be made by a variety of manufacturers.

Sony has more than one OEM for manufacturing their media?


Yes they do.
And also, this might not be an “official” use of the SONY MID.

Sony DVD+/-R could be:
Made by Ritek with Ricoh code (RICOHJPNR01).
Made by LeadData with Sony code (SONYD11).
Made by Daxon with Sony code.
Made by Sony Austria with Sony code.
Made by Sony Japan with Sony code. (usually doesn’t leave Japan)

Sony CD-Rs are made by:
LeadData with Sony or LeadData code.
Daxon with Sony or Daxon code.


Agreed. a 50 pack of 4x Ritek DVD-R is only $6 more (after shipping) and I would trust them more than any of the manufacturers that believed to be manufacturing Legacy media.


I have used Ritek CD-R’s for years (Memorex, TDK, CompUSA and thier own Ridata brand) but never tried thier DVD’s because I have a NEC 2500a (Mad Dog Dominator 8X) and heard those drives didnt burn them well.

But I just upgraded it to Herrie’s 107v2b5 bios and might give them a shot. Thanks!


Yup, the issue with the 2500A and the Riteks had to do with the stock firmware. They are supposed to get along quite well once you do the firmware update. IMHO that is the one area where NEC really drops the ball. The firmware often fails to live up to the drive. Thankfully a number of other people have stepped in to give them a helping hand. :wink:


I dont think NEC gives a damn about supporting the DVD/CD-RW enthusiast community like Plextor and Lite-On does. If it wasnt for word-of-mouth and internet sites like CDfreaks people wouldnt have discovered and bought those brands.

After looking in vain to find the latest firmware on NEC’s site, I did a google search and found Herries so I’d thought give it a shot. My parents have a cheap (30 dollar) Apex DVD player that wouldnt play any DVD+R’s my 2500a made. I had to use DVD-R’s. But after flashing with Herries hacked fimware they now play fine.


I think you mean, after bitsetting to DVD-ROM they now play fine. :slight_smile:


The wierd thing is I tried to use DVDbitsetter to set the 2500a to DVD-ROM when I had a DVD+R in it and it didnt work. The program told me I had a incompatable drive. But the DVD+ I made worked fine in the Apex any way.

Any reason why the bitsetting wont work? Im using Windows 2000pro.


Are you sure you have 107 HV2B5 firmware?
Try using WinBtype.exe or DVDInfoPro for bitsetting.


WinBtype.EXE didnt work, but DVDInfoPro did. :slight_smile: Was Herries firmware hack supposed to work with both programs? The copy I found of WinBType was listed for 2510a drives.

Does Nero 6 also auto-set the bitsetting for DVD-ROM? Thats proably why they played on the Apex. Those copies were made with DVDshrink which uses Nero’s burning engine.

I did check the firmware I installed, still had it on my hard drive, and yes its Herries 107 HV2B5.

(PS: sorry for getting so far away from the original topic.)


Nero built-in bitsetting doesn’t work correctly with the NEC drives. Disregard it.
DVDBitsetter should work correctly with 107 HV2B5.
WinBtype.exe is probably searching for the 2510A drive ID string, that’s why it doesn’t work.


DVDBitsetter did the trick. It found the 2500a and I now have DVD+R set for DVD-ROM.

Thanks for the help, Im still trying to figure out all this stuff!


No problem. :smiley: Glad to see you got it worked out. :wink: