Leg Magic lower body workout



Hey all. My G/F bought one of these machines, and the dvd barely plays in the sony(brand new with all the goodies, so it should play everything without fail). I noticed it was a burnt dvd and not one profesionally manufactured, so Ithought I would try to make a copy and burn it to a disc that may play better. Well it is not recognized by an IBM or Fujitsu lappy.

Whats funny, is its only 17 minutes long and more than half the dvd is used/burnt. I can only assume at this point that its copy protected.

any way I could find out what sort of protection, and if I can even read/copy this thing??



maybe not protected, but poor media. You might run DVD Identifier or Nero CD/DVD Speed to find out the MID.

Also, you might try other drives (maybe there are friends) in order to read these discs. Preferably are Liteon and Samsung drives, which are known to be good readers.

I nearly forgot: you should also complain the poor disc towards the vendor.