Leftover Files From DVD Burning

I’m relatively new at burning DVDs, although I have been copying my old LPs and 45 rpm records to CD for a few years. Now, I have decided to copy old movies, TV shows and the like, from some of my many old videotapes. My fairly new PC has a TV tuner/video capture card and Sonic MY DVD and Roxio Media Creator software. The first DVDs I made weren’t so good, but after checking the A/V cables, adjusting settings, etc, it’s much better. I’ve made a number of DVDs from videotape and even have recorded shows from cable TV. This may seem like a silly question, but, I notice that I have over 11 GB of DVD files and vob files on my computer. That’s a lot of space. What can I safely delete and what should I keep. I want to make the best copies of my videotapes that I can. Mark F.

If you’ve burned them successfully to DVD & are happy with them then just delete these files as I can’t see that you need them at all.

I’d always advise that you create specfic folders for capture, conversion etc rather than let the software create folders in Documents & Settings.

Just a suggestion, because while 11 gig is quite a bit, not huge considering how large dvd quality rips or captures are.

I don’t know what your system configuration is, but might be worth investing in a second large hard drive, either internal for your machine if you have roome, or an external unit via usb or firewire to archive untill you are satisfied your burns are up to snuff…:slight_smile:

As timc indicated, if your happy with your burns, and no longer need an archived copy on the hdd, just dump it…and dfrag once in awhile …:slight_smile: