Left the game trying to make a comeback. 1:1 Three Games three coasters. HELP!

Ok I left making 1:1 copies over 1 yr ago and man have things changed. (Go Figure) I have read about every post on the games I am trying to backup but I must still be doing something wrong. Please Help!

Need to make 1:1 backups of:
Battlefield 1942
Medal of Honor Spearhead (MOHAA OK)
Desert Siege (Ghost Recon backed up ok)
ut2003 (Just Kidding)

Software I have

Clone CD newest version
Alcohol 120% (trial Version)
Clony XXL English
Clony XXL Not English
Downloaded profiles for clone cd

OS: Windows XP PRO
ASPI layer 4.6
CD-reader (TDK CDRW 16/10/40X Swapped for new burner)

Athlon XP 2100
512MB DDR 333 Ram

Oh wise and knowledgable people of this forum what gives?

P.s. Step me through this. I’m computer literate but alot of things have changed in a year.

I would suggest using CloneCD to make your copies. That’s what I used and they all work great.:cool: I used the profile found at Gamecopyworld.com for Desert Siege and MoHAA. I used the AWS profile that I downloaded from this site to make a working copy of Battlefield '42.
I would hazard a guess and say that the AWS profile would work for the first two as well. I don’t see why it woudn’t.:slight_smile:

Dell 4400
P-IV 1.7
512Mb DDR
2 Maxtor 20 gig hdd
OS: Windows XP

Hope this helps.

dude theres no use trying to copy much with the tdk 161040x i too have this drive and i must say it is one of the worst writers out (probably the worst) for backups of protected cd’s. Go out and buy a lite-on only cheap and they are excellent

See, I learn something new every day.:smiley:

Thanks for all of the info. I solved the problem when I purchased a new lite on burner and a new Asus burner. By the way I like the lite on better because it worked right out of the box using the new clone cd.