Left/Right or Both?

Which hand u use???

…well i’m a lefty, and the only time i use my right hand is when i’m using the mouse… :bigsmile:


Right for everything

Both, I am ambidextrous. :slight_smile:


depends what i’m doing

depends what i'm doing


made you think eh? :slight_smile:

I eat, write, vacuum and brush my teeth with my right hand.

I’m bi


YOU are!!!~!!!~!~!!~


:wink: I’m a rightie

Eat with my Left
Write with Both
Do everything else as a rightie

My mother, father, brother, G/F & sister in law are all lefties and i’m the only rightie…!
It does make you think, :confused: :eek:

Another Righty over here.

Both-depends on what im doing

I got 2 hands so I use both of them

hmmm…i always wonder why the majority are right handed???

i use both for some reason never bothered me to use both xept i can’t write with the left that good but i can use them together in anything else

My father and 2nd brother use left hand more comfortably but use both hands for most things. The rest of the family use right hand.