Left over .tmp files in hidden folder mystery

I was running mysteriously low on disc space yesterday & eventually traced the problem to a hidden folder : my documents/local settings where I found a large number of big .tmp files with names beginning dvdfab. I also found a stray dvdfab~1 prcoess running when I looked in task manager which was preventing me from deleting some of those files.
I’ve now shut that process down & cleared them all out - thus regaining my disc space.

But the puzzle is: what were they doing there- what caused them to be created & how come they did not auto-delete. NB they were not in the termporary burn directoy - I know where that live, in my documents/dvdfab. this was a hidden directory & thus much harder to find.
Only explanation I have is that dvdfab does not like you aborting a copy which I’ve done a couple of times - either because of read errors or because it’s taking too long- and does not then take care of housekeeping.

Aborting a copy by clicking on the “close program” X can have unpredictable results. If you abort by using the cancel button, then confirm and then click Finish (which I have done also many times), it should exit gracefully and clean up after itself. Unlike cats.

I’m pretty sure that I did that, but I’m wondering if DVDFAB had lauched itestf in the backgound , un-noticed, while I was using powerDVD to watch A DVD ( as my default action for the drive is to launnh DVDFAB) . Once launched, DVDFAB auto runs a small preview screen so maybe it creates .tmp files while it’s doing that, & then If I put the PC into standby it woudl have been equivalent to clicking on close program.

I checked another PC where I’ve used DVDfab previously and there were no .tmp files left on that PC.

it’s not clear from any documentation that I have seen why DVDfab should be writing to the hidden local settings folder in the first place ???

NB this folder location is one level up from my douments - it’s at C:/documents and settings/<user name>/local settings, and is a hidden folder.

What signals said should be true most of the time. About the temp files, do you have “Delete temporary files when done” checked under “Common Settings”?

yes - I know how that setting works - the temporary files which that setting refers to are created whn making a 1 pass brun and are created in my documents/dvdfab/temp - a completly different location. they have recognisable names which relate to the Dvd beign copied.

the .tmp files which I found in /local settings all had names of the form dvdfab<xxx>.tmp where <xxx> was a random set of letters, and had all been created in the last few days.