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I just posted the article Leechdivx.com offline.

Submitted by: Mr. X
Source: http://www.leechdivx.comBR>

Moviezz.net (now know as Leechdivx.com is again offline…

Well as soon as they got their movies back-online on a new domain /…

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The site won’t be up for some time again … it seems like some bastard reported them to GeoCities and they deleted the page. I talked to the webmaster of leechdivx and he told me that the the site wont be up before they get some uploaders! Write to webmaster@leechdivx.com if you would like to upload …


When I’ve contacted Namezero (.com) about their abuse of the account (removing their banner…)they can kiss their .com account goodbye too…

But why should I…?


"…it seems like some bastard reported them to xxx and they deleted the page…"
The same problem with my site: TheRip


Godabuzz.com also is down, is this the same problem as leechdivx.com?
Or to they come back online in the day?


Godabuzz looks just fine to me…


Whatis the password van the movie mission impossible2??


flipper ?