lee3 here, from Southern MI…can anyone tell me where to get the software I need to transfer some songs from a Dvd to a CD? They are just some oldtime gospel songs that I recorded from my TV:confused:

well from what your telling me it sounds like you have a music channel on your tv with a black video signal and u just recorded it cause of the sound.

if thats the case… it’s in .AC3 format… basically you need to rip it off of there and then convert it to MP3 Format or something and then you can probably burn it to music cd etc.

as for what i would probably do (even though im sure it aint the quickest way) is get gordian knot (as this will strip out the .AC3 audio track) then once u get the .ac3 file on your hard drive i then use something like MediaCoder to convert the .ac3 into a .wav file which u can then burn to a standard MUSIC CD :slight_smile:

like i said before im sure theres much more efficient ways of doing this but with the tools i have on my pc this is the first thing that came to mind for me lol.

p.s. if you recorded a bunch of sound all in one big recording odds are you will have to convert the whole thing and then use something like nero’s wav editor and cut out what you dont want and keep what u want and then burn it to cd.

sorry i could not give u a “simple” way in doing this :frowning: … although im sure theres programs out there that could make it much easier than what i just told u.

Thanks (I think)…you lost me when you said "it’s in .AC3 format…will that neros do all that for me, in simple terms? I’m not a computer illitterate…just in the remedial section of the classroom…