LED's showing RAM and HDD activity not working, please help

Well ive installed XP, all the fans are running etc but the lights that show hdd and ram acitivity on the front of the case are off and not showing anything. I did connect the connectors for POWER LED, POWER SW, HDD LED, and RESET SW to my mobo. Why arent the LED’s on>??

Because you havent turned 'em around 180 degrees.

I turned it off tried that and it worked, and that was before i checked back here for help again LOL :bigsmile: DOH im so stupid lol. thanks diizzy :slight_smile:

don’t worry about it too much, I did the same thing :o

thermaltake must make their plugs backwards just to screw with us, cus on mine it looked right when it was on wrong and it looks wrong when its on right :bigsmile:

Does it pose any danger, if the plugs are kept with polarity reversed?