Leds and firmware for my 24103S

I got my Lite-On today, and I was pleasantly suprised when I looked at the labels on the top of the drive. There it said "model: 24103S.

It’s manufactured in January 2002, and they have changed the firmware to a rather strange version, XB03.
I’ve never seen anybody on this forum mentioning 24103S before, so I’d like to share my information with you fellas :slight_smile:

Now, to my question.
I know that green stands for reading, but what’s the difference between orange and red? Cause when I write, it’s normally red, but from time to time it turns orange for 2-3 seconds.
What does it mean?

And another quick note, Nero now says “SMART-BURN”, I think I read somewhere that the 24102B said “BURN-PROOF”, but thats just an assumption.

Anyway, it rocks! Burns fast, and Safedisc 2. What more could you possibly want? :slight_smile:


It’s always been smartburn…
The orange color is “pause”,it’s when Smartburn gets in action…the burning stops untill the buffer is loaded again…

Ah, thank you! My misstake… :slight_smile:


Hei, en Svenske!! :wink:

I guess the LTR-24103S is just a LTR-32123S with another firmware version!!! So that it will only work at 24/10/40X instead of 32/12/40X.

The LED also goes orange for a couple of seconds when the drive shifts the speed from 16x to 20x and then again from 20x to 24x (Z-CLV).

Titta, en norrman! :slight_smile:
You think it’s capable of burning at 32x?
I do not dare to flash it anyway, I’ve seen people who havent been able to use their drive afterwards…
But isn’t there anyway to flash back to what you had before? If it fails I mean…


Well, you may in the worst case end up with a drive that is totally dead and then won’t be able to flash it back…it’s very unlikely but there is always a risk :wink:

On the other side I don’t know if there is any hacked firmware that makes it possible to upgrade to a 32X.

There is no big difference between the 32X and 24X, only a few seconds…not worth the risk in my opinion.

Originally posted by OC-Freak
There is no big difference between the 32X and 24X, only a few seconds…not worth the risk in my opinion.
Nope indeed. I have a 24x and a 32x writer. The difference is about 15-20 seconds tops. Indeed not worth the risk.

Okay, if the gods at CDfreaks says so, then thats how it is… :wink:
I’ll let somebody else try it, sadistic as I am :smiley: