These are not on the codeguys site?
Anybody know where to get them? :confused:

Yep, I do ;). You’ll find the link in this post:

Why didn’t LiteOn use the different colors in the first place?
Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately they were swayed by Sony, who had always used the single LED method. Because of this, the 1673S now only has a single green LED in the drive :sad:

I like the colors.

Well, I flashed a 1633 to BS0S LEDfix, after running it though Omnipatcher and applying the recommended fixes. Cleared learnt media.

And the same for CSTJ LEDfix, except the option to apply recommended tweaks is not available.

Looks a little better, right?

Oh yeah. Much better. Did you reset learn before the CSTJ burn?

FYI, you don’t need to if the firmware version is the same model.

Yes, I think I read a post from you somewhere that it is a good idea to reset learnt after flashing to a new firmware. :bow:

I was thinking of pushing the write speed for the MCC003 to 12x with CSTJ, and doing more tests, but I don’t see it listed in the DVD Media Codes?

How do I accomplish this? :confused:

You need the new beta version of OmniPatcher for CSTJ, available here:

You didn’t say if you reset the learn between the two burns above. I’m just interested to know if learning improved the burn or the flash to CSTJ.

Yes I reset the learnt media.

Thanks. Chalk one up for CSTJ then. That’s a big improvement. :slight_smile:

CSOK with Beta Omni Working Good Here. Thanks Code!!!

OK, one more for the sake of comparison:
CS0K LEDfix.
Reset media.
Very similar results to CSTJ, but which is the winner? :confused:

By the way, nice work C0de! I love the red light (like on my old 411).

I surprised that LITEON associated themselves with such a wanker company called SONY. Sony is GARBAGE and they made lousy writers in the first place - the last thing liteon needs is to associate with a bunch of clueless tosspots!

What kind of IDIOT at Sony, decided that it would be good to have 1 colour led whether burning or reading whilst others drives all use 2 or 3 colour leds ? that is DUMB.

Who knows how to set up a poll to get a census of opinion of this forum?

Maybe LiteOn will at least consider leaving the option of a red LED, for those users (consumers) who choose to enable it, if they see how the diehard users (consumers) of their drives feel?

C0de says the option has been taken away with the 1673.

You can do it yourself. Just start a new thread and set the Poll options at the bottom of the page. :wink: