Ledfix available for Rebadged drives?



+chok0’s last post: …hiding. Possibly. It makes more sense than scrambling to me…anyone ever figure out why hp never tried to release a new firmware for this and skipped to its new drives? Someone needs to tell them that they need to kinda help us out, too. Every time i think hp is getting better, they just become more and more outrageous.

@ Other senior members: This is getting interesting. Where are y’all at? You are missing a great opportunity to try to discover the hidden info!

@all: ive provided as much info as i could…i must hand it over to someone a lil’ more familiar to all this scrambled/hiding stuff than I am to find out more. Last I heard, data was still in the form of 0s and 1s :bigsmile:


I’ve temporarily posted a flashfixed flasher version for you on my site:

The HP bin file I received looks fine. Maybe your one got scrambled as an unzipped attachment :confused:.

the format was:

HP      DVD Writer 530r


Thank both of you guys! It works perfectly; all OEM software workes. The hp-branded Simple Backup and the hp-branded BitSetting tool (which I, this time, used not out of ignorance but as a reference) functions as it did when I had the original firmware flashed on it.
…@ C0deKing: maybe you could make some kind of patcher which can help detect and allow the user to edit the Device ID strings…maybe in OP v3.5?
…and @ chok0: Please don’t kill me b/c of this, but I might have mislead you on what it was to say in the BIOS ID string. With the patched version that C0deKing posted (muchas gracias, mi amigo!) it is reported using a simpler title that might have helped with proper recognition.
Windows: HP DVD Writer 530r
hp Pandora BIOS for the pavilion xl768 (PhoenixBIOS v4.0 release 6.0): HP DVD Writer 530 [no r, no i, just 530!!!]
Now I really can have my cake (the name and OEM compat.) and can eat it, too (8x reading, Tricolor “informative” LED)!!!
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Glad I could help…

FYI, the string reported by the BIOS is the reverse endian one (little endian). This one is stored in the firmware like this:

PH  VD DrWtire5 03      

This time there are two spaces after the HP and as wallace0134 points out, no ‘r’. I wouldn’t have got this one right without the bin file. :wink:


@ C0deKing ('s reply): I noticed seeing a bit of that endian stuff when I opened the file in Notepad; I just didn’t/couldn’t make much of it.
@ either chok0 or C0deKing (or anyone else): Is there any place I can learn this type of stuff, or did you just pick it up “by nature?” IF they release any more firmware for the 832S (I’m not sure if the 2S series will have too much focus placed on it now), and it improves upon this past firmware, I would love to test it myself and modify my own firmware so I don’t have to take you two away from helping others who really need it (or from the other aspects of your lives). This has kind of piqued my curiosity (how often do you hear THAT from a 14 year old?).
NOTE: This is not an important question, just something that whenever you get to it, I will read it.


i’m only 2 years older than you. i know a little programming and how to reverse protections and processes. i don’t think that there will be a new firmware for the 2s series. if you want to edit the firmware, you need a hex-editor. it’s easy to rename the drive or edit the date in an unscrambled flasher.

get Hiew: http://webhost.kemtel.ru/~sen/

open the flasher in hiew to test the program features. you can try to edit the drivename string and then test it with the info-button in omnipatcher. but never flash it if you are not really sure what you have edited.


I had to reformat my computer due to several problems long story short I have an HP DVD Writer 530. Windows seems to see it and i can read most discs (DVD+R, -R, DL) however I cannot burn DVD-R discs, I used be able to do this before the reformat but now can’t. I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling from the CD and even tried updating the firmware, however still cannot burn DVD-R. All the programs (intervideo dvd copy, roixo, snoic fail to see the drive with a DVD-R). When I try using the HP Disc Compatibility Setting get the following error No HP drives were detected on your system. What I dont understand is that in deceive manager I see the HP drive as HP DVD Writer 530r.

any help will be greatly appreciated.