LED TVs compared: Local dimming versus edge-lit

If you thought all LCD TVs were created equal, you’re underestimating the power of confusion as a marketing tool. In their continuing efforts to compete against the picture quality advantages of plasma-based flat-panel TVs, makers of LCDs have introduced numerous new technologies, but the most successful in our opinion is LED backlighting with local dimming. When you see the words “LED TV” in an ad, it definitely refers to an LCD TV, but there’s no guaranteeing that local-dimming technology is also onboard.

Link: http://reviews.cnet.com/4321-6482_7-6661380.html


Yeah, local dimming is as good as it gets for a LCD set. The Sony XBR8 series even used RGB led in a local dimming array that was supposed to be even better but they have dropped that tech as far as I know for their newest line of sets.
Too bad most of them now use edge lit to save money then not make it clear it isn’t as good as the earlier local dimming versions. My self I’d still prefer a Plasma like a Pioneer kuroo but I can’t afford any new set now anyways and everyone has their preferences.