LED to Surpass CCFL in Large-Area TFT LCD Backlights in 2011

AUSTIN, TEXAS, January 26, 2010—The LED backlight unit market has rapidly emerged in the TFT LCD industry, and momentum for this segment is expected to continue over the next five years. In the latest DisplaySearch Quarterly LED Backlight Report, the company reports that LED backlight units will surpass CCFL/EEFL backlights in large-area TFT LCD panels in 2011, and achieve 74% penetration in 2013. Large-area LED backlight demand for all applications will grow from 114 million units in 2009 to 770 million units in 2015.

Link: http://www.displaysearch.com/cps/rde/xchg/displaysearch/hs.xsl/100126_led_to_surpass_ccfl_in_large_area_tft_lcd_backlights_in_2011.asp


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