LED there be light: We pick the best bulb upgrades for your buck



Incandescents have enjoyed a good century as the light bulb of choice, but times are changing. So too are efficiency standards, which jumped to a new, even higher threshold back on January 1, officially rendering 40-and 60-watt bulbs obsolete. Despite Congressional leaders postponing the official phase-out for the time being, manufacturers are continuing to lead the charge into a new era of higher efficiency lighting – and largely leaving incandescents by the wayside.

Link: http://www.cnet.com/news/led-there-be-light-we-pick-the-best-bulb-upgrades-for-your-buck/



Well that’s the sort of terrible review I’d expect from cnet.


As far as I can tell, none of those bulbs are available in the UK/Ireland, at least not the main stores such as Amazon.

Based on my experience - buy one that resembles a normal light bulb, i.e. similar to the bulb on right in the following diagram where the translucent (light emitting area) is wider than the heat sink:

LED bulbs that resemble the left diagram emit very little light towards the base. So in a table lamp with the base side down, this means most of the light goes up, not very useful when trying to read a book. :wink: The same goes with a ceiling light with the base side down - Very little light reflects off the ceiling, which means harsh shadows, as most experienced photographers are familiar with, i.e. bounce flash vs. head-on flash.

Avoid LEDs that look like a corn cob - The majority are poorly made, have terrible colour rendering (like some CFLs) and some are even an electronic shock / fire hazard.

As for those Wi-Fi, smart, etc. bulbs, well,… they’ll probably never repay for themselves, at least not in the next 10 years or so of typical usage.