Led question about 1620

My Benq 1620 OEM@ Retail blink the led (Red, Green, Red) some times when I burning a DVD this is normal with this drive?



On upper window you see white line with drops this is when led is changing from red-> green -> red

I’ve asked this before but never got an answer. My 1620 flashes red and yellow for a split second then goes back to green. I was told this is normal but my question is what does the red and yellow LED mean?

Red means is burning and when it flashes yellow in between its just part of the process. Nothing to worry about.

Is the yellow perhaps the WOPC in action?

If it blinks yellow to the end of the burn it may also be BLER OPC (Block Error Rate Optimal Power Control).
Pick whatever suits you best… :wink:

So I think it’s WOPC. I got the information that during writing the burner
with WOPC enabled pauses for some nano-seconds. It makes sense with
yellow for short breaks. I tested when I got my first 1620 with WOPC
disabled. There are no breaks during writing process with the yellow led.

Thanks for the answers! I meant to say it flashes yellow and green then goes back to red, sorry if that confused anybody.