LED lighting is so 2012: LG bets on an OLED lamp

Several companies offer smartphone-controlled LED light bulbs these days, but LG Electronics is trying to advance the state of lighting with another approach, too: an OLED table lamp.

The Korean company, which already has a strong home-appliances business, unveiled its OLED Table Lamp on Monday at the Light+Building 2014 trade show in Frankfurt. Instead of using conventional light-emitting diodes (LEDs), its light source is the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology that can be formed into a sheet.



led bulbs aren’t catchign on yet, since CFLs are so cheap. non-standard lighting will have a hard time gaining traction. price and praticality are king in the lighting industry. I’m hard pressed to find a reason to replace CFL bulbs I bought 4 years ago…still runing strong. If a couple died, I might buy led bulbs to replace them, but at $5 a pop on ebay fore generics or $20 @ home depot for branded, they’re still pricy compared to $1 at the dollar store for CFL generics.

I think the next big thing will be LED bulbs that look like a traditional filament bulb.

The following video shows a tear-down of one, although in this case what appear. At a first glance, it looks more like a older style filament bulb. Despite managing to hide its electronics in the metal base cap, it has enough to prevent any strobe.


Auraglow have a 2.2W (25W-equiv.) candle style bulb that doesn’t have a separate base section, i.e. clear glass to the cap (link).