LED light and buffer question

Just a question which I’m sure you’ve all dealt with before. When burning sometimes the LED light goes from red to yellow, it never does it for long, but always coincides with the fact that sometimes my used read buffer level drops down to nothing. The buffer level itself generally stays up around the 98-100% mark, but the used buffer is a different matter. This doesn’t happen al the time, just occasionally and normally in the first stages of copying the dvd. The burned dvd always plays fine, so it doesn’t interfere with producing a good copy, just wondering if there’s a reason for this and if it may cause me trouble in the future. And of course if there’s a way to fix it? Thanks.

Sounds like buffer underrun protection kicking in.

Well, now I’ll sound like a right idiot, but oh well…this is normal then?

Yes. If it is frequent, close all other apps when burning if you want. As it does no harm, why bother.?

Indeed, I won’t. Thanks.

You might want to regularly defrag the HDD as fragmentation can cause this effect.

Thanks for the tip. I just bought this new hdd though so I would doubt it’s that.

If you have installed lots of stuff on it, it could be quite badly fragmented. Run a defragger and check its report.

It said it didn’t need to be defragmented.