Led is always orange, is this normal?

I had a DW-58a from dell and i flashed it to the us2-4 firmware and my drive only blinks orange. Orange for reading, orange for writing. Is this normal. I backedup my old firmware. But everytime i go and try to flash it back to my old firmware with LTnFW it reaches a 100% stops and saids please wait and does nothing.

Apart from the Orange light, does your Burner work properly?

I mean can it read and burn?

I think it can read properly, As for writing.
I have tryed to create an image with norton ghost and it keeps on saying media not support.
I did a simulation and it simulated it correctly. I thought orange meant that it is about to die pretty soon.
As for media i am using FUJUFILM 16x dvd+r. Can those be the problem with ghost.

Great. Problems just won’t stop coming.
I used mtk to flash the drive to its original firmware.

Now it saids modular bay won’t recognized in my inspirion. Tryed plugging in the drive to a desktop and it won’t even power on.
Does this mean the orange means dieing now ?

I’m not sure if all DVD Writers are supported in Ghost. I tried burning one from my Laptop. It was taking hell of a lot time to burn. Finally I aborted it when I put it back in the drive. It was still a blank media.

Did you try to burn anything in Windows thru Nero, RecordNow or any other app.

I don’t know about DVD Writers LED much but, my Lite CD-Writer glows the Orange LED only when there is a Buffer Underrun.

Can’t confirm abt DVD Burners since my new litey had only one LED - Green.

I did do a burn in nero. It was burning quite slow. I am not sure but the drive doesn’t power on any more.

I had a bad experience with the UYS3 firmware (made my drive superslow). Like you I backed up my UDS1 firmware with ltnFW, and didn’t know until later that ltnFW doesn’t work properly with this generation of Lite-On drives. That is why is it doesn’t update the drive’s firmware and it also doesn’t properly backup firmwares from this drive. Try loading the backed up firmware through Omnipatcher and it’ll tell you the firmware is bad. The only program that I know that works with this drive is MTKFLASH, not MTKwinFlash. I got a backup firmware made with MTKFLASH from another user and indeed, it loaded up without problems in Omnipatcher.

All this information was not known to me when I updated my firmware back to my backup of UDS1 (made with ltnFW). My drive went dead and the computer doesn’t even detect it anymore. Even MTKflash couldn’t access the secondary IDE ports because I’m assuming my computer (Inspiron 6000) disabled those ports when it didn’t detect anything. What I did to revive the drive was I borrowed a slimline drive from another laptop, boot the computer to pure dos, and hotswap the drive with the dead sony one. MTKflash can then access the secondary IDE ports to reflash the drive. Just make sure you flash it with the proper UDS1 firmware, not the backup one made with ltnFW. Sorry for the long post but just wanted to share my experience.

On the older DVD Writers orange (flashing) meant a dead drive, usually due to a bad flash.

Well I started a thread because I had this exact same problem (found below)


Long story short, my drive blinks orange with the firmware update whereas before it blinked green. However, I have not seen any change in reading/writing speed or quality. The drive works exactly the way it did before the firmware flash, except that it now blinks orange.

I’m still really curious as to why the color changed…and find it surprising that not one single person knows why…oh well…